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Welcome to Gravity Warehouse Bike & Board

Kona 24 Hour Global Series

KONAWORLD – The Kona Bicycle Company will be he title sponsor for the newly-formed Kona 24 Hour Global Series. The 2005 marathon series includes three 24-hour races on three continents; England (home of the original Sleepless in the Saddle), Australia, and the United States, with plans for expansion in 2006 and 2007.

The events will be coordinated by UK-based Patrick Adams, who has run the wildly successful UK Sleepless in the Saddle and the Mountain Mayhem events.

“I love what I do and Kona just seems so in tune with why I do it,” said Adams. “Kona will provide a platform for cyclists to go out and find what they have inside their soul and their body.”

Kona 24 Hour Global Series 2005 Schedule:
* Event one -- August 13th/14th 2005 at Trentham Gardens UK
* Event two – September 10th/ 11th 2005 at Snow Mountain Ranch, Denver, Colorado.
* Event three -- December 3rd/4th 2005, in Redesdale, Victoria, Australia.

This year, the Snow Mountain Ranch, USA race will crown the G24 global champion. The G24 championship is awarded to solo riders at one race a year: the USA event in 2005, Australia in 2006, UK in 2007. This is a solo category for men and women.

There are also plans for the Snow Mountain, USA event to establish a collegiate championship for colleges in the USA as well as shop/mechanics category (an unusual category which will incorporate a mechanical task to be completed by the rider just before the start/finish area between 1:00am and 2:30am)

Adams' marathon events are designed to focus on fun and accessibility. “For most of the cyclists at the events, it is not about winning. It's about attaining new personal heights, new visions, and discovering new strengths that they didn't know they had. It sounds crazy, but many of the participants thank me for putting them through hell.”

"(The original) Sleepless in the Saddle rightly has the reputation as one of the folksiest 24 hour races going,” said Chipps Chippendale, editor of Singletrack Magazine. “Patrick Adams combines an exciting and efficient race organization with a great course and a friendly atmosphere. It's a race where you can be head to head with another racer one minute and downing a trackside beer with them another. With Kona's worldwide support, it's going to get even better from here in terms of organization and professionalism while still keeping its chilled roots."


New 2005 Kona's have arrived.


New 2005 Snowboards - Boots - Bindings - Accessories Now Available!


Congratulations to Seth & Loretta!

All your family and friends at Gravity Warehouse wish you many years of happiness.

We now carry a full line of Light & Motion lighting!

Don't let the fun end just 'cause the sun's gone down!
Nothing beats the fun of raging around in the dirt, except maybe raging around the dirt at night. Our lights extend your ride and allow you too see near and far-regardless of the terrain. Focus one beam on the trail just ahead of you and one off to the side. See the edge of the trail and around corners before you make your turn. Feather-light helmet mounts mean you can forget about your lights and just enjoy the ride

Product Spotlight
Heading out for a couple hour training ride after work, and want the lightest brightest Halogen system available? The Solo Logic Mv is a perfect match for today's high performance road bikes and for commuting. For 2004 we've made our most reliable and practical light even more functional; with the introduction of Mv technology, the Solo Logic will work with any of the batteries in our line-up. From the compact 7.2v all the way up to the light weight powerhouse 11.1v Li-ion Lithium Ion battery pack. You get the same light output, with dramatically increased burn times. Super light weight combined with our innovative “Lefty” mount , an adjustable bezel, 3 power output settings and multiple battery compatibility means you can dial in just the right amount of light for blasting down single track, or the long grind home. learn more>>

Sixth Tour De France Victory !




Congrats to Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Squad on a job well done and the dream of obtaining a Sixth Tour De France Victory -








All full suspension mountain bikes on sale. KONA - SPECIALIZED





NEMBA offers thousands of rides a year, has a great magazine loaded with events and info, and will help open the door to great mountain biking around New England. Your membership (and volunteerism) also plays a key role in preserving trails and trail access. Join now and get involved!

In The News...

Kona Bicycles Again Official Supplier of Whistler Mountain Bike Park

KONAWORLD – The Kona Bicycle Company will once again be the official bike supplier of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park (WMBP), the world's number one mountain bike resort destination. The formalization of the 2004 relationship marks the 5th year the two companies have been working together.

Kona will provide WMBP with 120 special edition Stab Garbanzo downhill bikes for the park's rental fleet, plus five Stab Primos for the park's top guides. Kona will also be the exclusive sponsor of Whistler's Air Downhill, Joyride BikerCross and SlopeStyle events. Dates TBA.

Kona will use the Whistler Mountain Bike Park “Official Supplier” designation logo on their bikes and other marketing materials to promote the relationship.

According to Kona's chairman, Jake Heilbron, the WMBP has proved to be a valuable testing ground in developing bikes downhill-specific bikes. “We use the feedback we get from the guides and the mechanics to identify potential weak spots when spec-ing our Out of Bounds bikes,” said Heilbron. “Last year, each bike had more than 1 million vertical feet of riding. That's some serious use.”

Heilbron also noted that in the last four years, not one Kona frame from the WMBP rental fleet has failed. An incredible accomplishment considering the abuse less experienced riders dish out, as well as the mind-set associated with having a “rental”.

Rob McSkimming, the WMBP's managing director, was glad to have Kona back .. "The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is excited to have Kona on board as an Official Supplier for the fifth consecutive year. Kona's products have proven year in, year out that they can take all the pounding that the Park can dish out. We anticipate that our Garbanzo Expansion which, will triple the vertical of the WMBP to 3,400 feet, will test our Kona rental fleet even more. We have no doubt that our special Garbanzo Edition Stabs will be more than up to the challenge."

About the Whistler Mountain Bike Park :

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park features more than 125 miles of lift-serviced trails, dropping riders more than 4,800 vertical feet. The park features three skills centers and a BikerCross Course. For more information visit, .

IMBA Announces Kona/IMBA Freeriding Grants

Mountain bike groups looking to develop technical riding will soon benefit from a new grant program focused on building challenging trails. In 2004 , Kona and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) will award five cash grants to fund the development of freeriding , downhilling , and dirt jumping projects.

IMBA affiliated clubs are invited to apply for five $500 awards. The application deadline is March 1, 2004 , and the grants will be awarded in April.

Funding for the program comes from Kona and the Kona/IMBA Bowling Party, an annual Las Vegas fundraiser held during Interbike , the bicycle industry trade show.

The program's goal is to support the development of freeriding opportunities on public land. Grants will be used for a variety of purposes, including gaining land manager approval, addressing liability concerns, trail and stunt construction, trailhead kiosks and signage, and freeride organization building.

The Kona/IMBA Freeriding Grants program builds on Kona's traditional, outstanding support of mountain biking advocacy. Kona has been a leading IMBA corporate supporter since '94 and has developed several creative fundraising projects, including the Kona Buck-A-Bike program, the ongoing Kona Bro Deal program (which asks all bro deal purchasers to become IMBA members), and the highly successful bowling tourney, which recently celebrated its sixth edition.

For more information, or to apply please visit


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