student government association

the student government association (sga) is the representative body for students and serves as the umbrella organization to all campus student organizations. the sga exists primarily to address student concerns and needs, and to provide services that enhance overall student life and development. working closely with a faculty advisor, the sga is committed to the representation and advocacy of all students and serves as liaison to administration and other elements of the university community. all students are automatically members of the sga and as such, are entitled to vote during student elections and participate in all sga sponsored events and activities. however, one must be voted into and hold an elected office in order to vote on sga business.

meet the candidates

student government association


lanetta thomas (presidential candidate)

platform statement: i am running for president of the sga because i represent the student body. i am a returning student. i am a mother of three beautiful girl cubs. i understand juggling class and having access to reliable and affordable childcare. i am a veteran of the united states army and i see that veteran resources should have a full-time center. as a student with abilities, i noticed that we could improve our accessibility around campus, or accommodations being sustained by instructors. promotion of the clubs and organizations at csu could increase morale, student participation, and enrollment. i represent some including; wcsu radio, theatre club, club connected, the soul of chicago, and the csu marching band. i am running for president of sga because i love my school and i want my fellow cougars to have that same pride in the chicago state university.



board of trustees student representative

Alusinealusine cisse (student trustee candidate)

platform statement: with my platform, i want to create an environment of family and collaboration. in this environment i want students to come together and create projects that are related to their major or field. with this collaboration, students can take this work to different employers and have a better chance of employment because they have applied what they learned in school. with my platform, i would also like to be more than just the voice for the students; i want to be an example. i want to show my fellow students that finding a job right out of college is more than possible, it should be expected.



jameelah hargrove (student trustee candidate)

platform statement: if given the opportunity to serve, i will try to implement a focused plan of action that opens up better direct dialogue between our students and the trustee members and provide the student body more transparent access to information about the board of trustees. i will also try to do a better job of representing the campus-wide ideas of both the undergraduate and graduate student body. finally, i have realized a vision for building a stronger relationship between the student government association and the board of trustees



beunka butler (student trustee candidate)

platform statement: my platform view as a candidate for the student representative to the board of trustees is to respectively speak on behalf of the university students. i plan to devote a significant period of time into attending meetings that support the essentials of csu. i desire to participate in the voting process of maintaining platforms that help support the student body, and resources that compliment csu. i plan to offer insightful and honest feedback in decision making procedures. i will promote growth and development for the student body by promising to display supportive behaviors that fight to gain recreational, educational, and monetizing opportunities. interests that i am most concerned about are budgeting barriers. i believe that most problems in financial barriers stem from budgeting issues. if needed, i would like to assist the team that allocates funding into programs. i am great at taking a bird’s eye perspective on concerns and narrowing down management issues.



essence smart (student trustee candidate)

platform statement:my name is essence smart. i’m a third year psychology major and campus resident here at the chicago state university. also, i am the current president of c.a.b. and a csu cheerleader. as a student here, i have always strived for the best college experience. i came to college right out of high school with eagerness to see what my new university had to offer. throughout the years, i have experienced csu in an eye-opening way. i want the best out of my college experience and i know that my peers feel the same way. as the student representative to the board of trustees, i will continue to voice the opinions of the students, and i will use this platform to continue the encouragement of student involvement and leadership at the chicago state university. student moral is something i feel strongly about and i believe we all deserve a great college experience.



alexis dew (student trustee candidate)

platform statement: i would like to address the lack of resources for students finding social groups with people they can have connections with as well as finding these groups to

participate in. i want to work in making sure that csu students are kept informed and are always aware of events and programming going on that contributes to educational, intellectual, social, cultural, and professional development. putting committees in place to keep information updated will be a top priority for me. there should be resources that represent commonly underrepresented groups--specifically black women--with the goal of networking, sharing academic resources, and building community.


illinois board of higher education student representative

Allauna Landheartallauna landheart (ibhe student representative candidate)

platform statement: the social, economic, and racial injustices that lead individuals to fall victim to the united states’ criminal justice system ignited a passion in me to become a part of the reform. after developing this newfound passion, i took a leap of faith and transitioned from houston, texas to chicago, illinois to begin building a stable foundation for my education. having been in chicago for two years now, i have eagerly obtained an associate’s degree in arts with a concentration in criminal justice from kennedy-king college and am now pursuing a bachelor of science degree with a concentration in criminal justice here at the chicago state university. by serving as the ibhe representative, i will be committed to dismantling structural inequality in higher education, in word and action, inside and outside the classroom. i will continue to prioritize service by never forgetting that i am here to advocate for others.